Top Free & Paid Sources to Learn Android

I have got Questions from students many times regarding,
1. What are free sources to Learn Android ?
2. What are some top resources to follow for Android ?
3. Which are paid sources to learn Android ?
4. Top Blogs to follow to learn Android ?
And Lot More… …

To be very honest Learning Android is so much easy nowadays. Many Developers around the world have really done great documentation about their learnings and already shared it on web. The only step we as a Learner to take is Google …, filter best results & Start Learning 💻.
Trust Me, It Costs $0
🤩🤩 to Learn Android.
Just little time to spent mastering Important concepts.

Note : Please keep reading it frequently in span of 10 days (Last Updated 05-Mar-2020). More Best & Advanced sources for best learning experience yet to be added.🚧 👷

Below mentioned are the sources I personally used in the past and still using it to remain updated.

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