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But, What it is ?

  1. Cloud Service from Google Firebase
  2. Let user change behavior & appearance without downloading new Update
  3. App can have in-app default values that controls behavior & appearance
  4. As per requirements, using Remote Config Backend Api’s, we can override in-app default values for all app or segment of users
  5. All can happen with a negligible impact on performance

That’s Great, but What can I do with Remote Config 🤔?

  1. Launch new Feature with Percentage Rollout Mechanism…

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What is Firebase ?

  1. Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications😀
  2. Google acquired the platform and it is now their flagship offering for app development
  3. Firebase is Backed by Google and Loved by app development Teams 😃from Startups to Global Enterprises
  4. Firebase has important products app developers can use to Build, Release & Monitor & Engage through any App Lifetime Journey
  5. With Firebase Build Products range, we can accelerate app development with fully managed Backend Infrastructure(Realtime Database, Remote Config, Authentication, Cloud Messaging, Hosting, Cloud Storage)
  6. With Firebase Release & Monitor products range, we can release with confidence and…

Why to learn & use the Paging Library ?

  1. Loading whole data at once will consume more bandwidth uselessly also creating a large list at once use more system resources resulting in a lagging…

Satyam Gondhale

Member of Technical Staff at Walnut (a Capital Float Company)

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